BSA Credits OMB in Compliance of Legal Software Usage

 BSA Credits OMB in Compliance of Legal Software Usage

December 26—-Business Software Alliance acknowledges the efforts of the Optical Media Board in enforcing the use of legal software of business companies in the Philippines, which placed second in cleaning corporate use of illegal software among ASEAN countries.

The BSA launched its Legalize and Protect Initiative to educate company CEO’s about the dangers of illegal software. Halfway through the campaign, BSA reported Thailand as the foremost ASEAN country in corporate use of legal software.

According to the BSA report, the Philippines placed second followed by Vietnam and Indonesia, respectively.

Two hundred fifty (250) companies across nine provinces in the Philippines have complied with the software legalization process just midway into the BSA initiative.

“This campaign works in the Philippines because many corporations understand that software legalization is necessary,” BSA Senior Director Tarun Sawney said. “The Optical Media Board (OMB) also plays an important role in holding corporations accountable. We believe that most CEOs in the Philippines are aware of their responsibility to use legal software, and we expect many more to make certain their companies do so as our campaign continues,”

The BSA will release its full report at the end of the Legalize and Protect Initiative in February 2020.

OMB, on its part, assures the public and stakeholders that the agency will continue to enforce its policies and conduct operations against the use of illegal computer software.#

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