PRESS RELEASE: OMB Breaks All-Time Revenue Records

 PRESS RELEASE: OMB Breaks All-Time Revenue Records

Driven by its resolute and unyielding stance against piracy, the Optical Media Board has accounted for 2019 the sum of Php 33,781,185.78 in regulatory fees.  Increased by 34% from 2018’s revenue collection, this is the agency’s HIGHEST collection of revenue since its creation in 2003.

With dedication and resilience, OMB has exceeded expectations and achieved record breaking accomplishments. The promulgation of Memorandum Circulars in 2018 and continuous information campaigns resulted in an influx of registrants. Compliance from businesses engaged in activities involving all forms of storage devices has been remarkable, generating Php 17,334,533.45 in license fees and Php 1,340,000.00 in registration fees which are 46.15% and 41.50% higher from last year respectively.

Intensified and strategic enforcement operations conducted this year resulted to more violators apprehended and penalized.  The Legal Division has imposed and collected Php 1,835,000.00 in administrative penalties, a whopping 227.68% increase from 2018.

To date, the revenues from the licensing and registration fees, and administrative penalties have surpassed the previous collections, making these revenues the HIGHEST since 2003.

OMB Chair and CEO Atty. Anselmo B. Adriano attributes the impressive accomplishment to the strong collective performance of all of OMB’s units. “I am happy to report another strong year for OMB. We got good results against our targets.  We have sustained the momentum, and everybody’s committed to achieve more. It’s a group effort, where all units work together to reach a common goal, and that is to protect and promote intellectual property rights.”

OMB is set to release a conspectus of its 2019 Annual Report reflecting each of its division’s accomplishments.#

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