Commercial Replication Permits Requirements for Replication Permit



1) Application Form

  • OMB Form No.8 (Application for Replication Permit)
  • Affidavit of Undertaking (downloadable)

2) Requirements for Replication Permit

  • Registration/License as Local Licensee
  • Duly accomplished application form for Replication Permit per film/albumtitle
  • Affidavit of Undertaking
  • Certified copy of contract and/or Certificate of Ownership from the Source of Rights
  • Certified Copy of MTRCB Classification Certificate (not valid for audio CD/DVD)
  • Certificate of Compliance from PARI (Phil Association of the Rec. ind Inc.) (Optional)
  • Sample Disc (before replication) and Finished Product (after replication)

3) Fees

  • Replication Fee: 200.00
  • Recordation Fee: 100.00
  • LD Clearance Fee: 50.00
  • Verification Fee: 500.00/contract (if applicant is not copyright owner)