Services OMB REGISTERED AND LICENSED: Local Licensee of Music Products (Karaoke)


as of October 27, 2017

  1. Advantix Marketing (K-Vision & Xenon)
  2. Alvarico General Merchandising (Starcoby & Remix)
  3. Fineaudio, Inc. (T.J. Media HD)
  4. G-8 Marketing Inc.
  5. Hi-Purpose Enterprise
  6. Maclin Elecctronics, Inc. (Promac)
  7. Maxvision Technology Enterprises, Inc.
  8. MP Megapro Plus Mkts. Corp. (Mega Sound)
  9. MP Megapro Plus Mkts. Corp. (MP Mega Pro Plus)
  10. Richburg Corporation
  11. Soundmax Media Mrktg. Corporation (T.J. Media – HD)
  12. Vismay International Corporation